A tour that discovers the beautiful state of Veracruz, full of aromas, coffee beans, and people in love with their land.


‘Let’s get a coffee’, is almost a magic way of doing things.


Amazing things had happened while having a cup joe, among them; closing a business deal, making a new friend, planning a new adventure, or meeting a new love.


People in Veracruz known about the wonders in coffee, from its flavor, to its aroma. Now they share their knowledge with tourists visiting them, this is a new way of tourism that focus in the agriculture of the region.


By the name of “Coffee Trail tours”. The tour starts in the beautiful town of Coatepec, guided by Raul Cubria an expert in the area. It takes you to visit farms where their main crop is coffee plants, mostly located in the center of Veracruz.


The first stop is in “Finca Escondida”, this estate belongs to Grupo Bola de Oro, the months of harvesting are between November and March; and is when most of the action happens.


As part of the experience, and with the help of the workers at the farm its possible to pick and cut the cherries by hand, the ones ready to cut must have a red color on the outside. After the picking, drinks and snacks are offered, of course coffee is included.


The second stop is a farm by the name of “Finca Roma”. This estate is now a museum. Where machinery from the 19th and 20th century, are now on exhibit, explanations about the coffee harvest are given, and it ends with a coffee tasting. The last stop is at “Hacienda de Nuestra Señora de los Remedios”, but also goes by the popular nickname of Pancho Nuevo (or New Pancho in English).


Here is the owner, Marisa Moolick, who is in charge of showing the beauty of the place, as well as telling how is possible to produce coffee in a more sustainable way; like drying the beans under the sunlight instead of using heavy machinery. As the sun goes down the temperature does the same, is the perfect time to enjoy. 

Escrito por Cirze Tinajero/ Traducción Sophia Uribe

Reportera de Agencia Reforma