“Is not always necessary to go abroad. Here in Mexico there is an endless list of places to visit that will leave you speechless”, says Martha Favela, the marketing director at Mundo Joven.


Plan ahead, and save money…


During peak seasons is better to make reservations at least a month ahead of time. This is the only way to guarantee lower fares and the desired availability. Is important to know that New Year’s and long weekends have become the most popular dates to travel.


If you haven’t decided your destiny, is ideal to think about the type of experience you want to get of the trip; is it a romantic getaway, or an adventure. Maybe you want to go solo, or with all your family.


It is during the months of September, October, and November when fares for must destinations are in the lower side.


Don’t forget to enjoy the free activities offered in the destination you’re going to visit. Museums, parks, and archaeological zones. These are free or discounted for nationals and internationals (in most places) during Sundays.

Taste the local food. In the markets you can found the traditional dishes of the region. The color, and aromas in the of food represent the area you are visiting. Besides you get the opportunity to see how locals live their day by day.  A few of the most popular places are the City of Oaxaca Market (Mercado 20 de November), Market San Juan de Dios located in Guadalajara.



Aguascalientes (1) Saint Mark National Fair / Feria Nacional de San Marcos

April 14th- May 6th


Campeche (2) Old Downtown International Fest/ Festival Internacional del Centro Histórico 2018



Mexico City (3) Gran Prix  Mexico 2018

Octubre 25 al 28


Oaxaca (4) Guelaguetza 2018

23-30  July

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